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Learn more about what inspired our journey here at Clutter 2 Care.





It was in 2017, when our journey to Clutter 2 Care started. It was when God called our family for a mission trip in Haiti. While we were there, we felt God telling us to do more, give more, and be more in His plan for the people in Haiti. At that time, we thought He wanted us to quit our jobs, sell everything, and move to Haiti. And so, we took the first steps, but maybe we understood it wrong.

While waiting for signs moving forward, we decided to do a community-wide yard sale to raise funds for Back2Back Ministries and its staff members. Moreover, one of our friends was also raising funds for a new truck and our hosts needed sponsor funds. So we asked the neighborhood to clean out their basements and garage and bring us their clutter. A weekend after, we raised funds and had over $4,000 for our friends in Haiti.

In 2019, after raising over $40,000 in two years, Clutter 2 Care was officially incorporated and received their non-profit 501-c certification.  We continue to be a family-owned nonprofit thrift store aiming to raise funds for at-risk and marginalized children in our community and all over the world.  We are not sponsored or affiliated with any church or organization.  All of our staff is volunteer, with no paid salaries, so all funds raised go straight back out to our community. 

Each month, we choose a different mission partner who is working "boots on the ground" to serve the low income, at risk, traumatized children of our community and world.  We have eight local partners and four international partners.  Our partners are all non-profits and all our international partners are based in Haiti.  In 2020, we donated $32,000 to our partners.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we added two new services to our Clutter 2 Care story: 

           - We now work closely with all the public schools in the tri-state, local police and fire departments and counselors to prepare

              and deliver Love Kits to students and youth in needs. 

           - Working closely with each tri-state county Job and Family Services, WrapAround and Hope Programs, we are also able to

              extend our helping hands to families in crisis.  Our Love Vouchers enable families to "shop" in our warehouse for FREE once a

              month, assisting them in during housing transitions, economic struggles and family crises.

Who knew someone’s old books, clothes, and other stored items could be a way to bring hope for children? Since the garage sale, God has been giving us a lot of opportunities to keep gathering clutter and turning them into missionary outreach funds. We have been called to do more, give more, and be more in His plan—what an adventure He has given us!

With your unyielding support for our cause, we’re in high spirits to continue converting clutter to hope and love for the people in our community and all over the world.


Our LOVE KIT program reaches anyone in Cincinnati - from prenatal

 to size 3X - who is referred to us for clothing support. We serve 9 counties and are in over 50 school districts serving the needs of students struggling to have enough clothing for the week.

Our Kits include:

- 5-7 Donated outfits, coats, shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, bathing suits.

- Toiletry Kit and Feminine Product for girls over 10 yrs. old.

- Handmade blanket from Project Linus and handmade pillow case from volunteers.

- NEW underwear, socks, bras

- Age appropriate gift, toy, books.

In 2022, we passed out 548 kits = that's $16,440 worth of FREE love items to our community here in Cincinnati! We invest $30 worth of NEW items into each kit....all from your round up change, our change box pennies, private donations and items YOU donate!

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